Connection fail in HiveMQ cloud

I created a new account for HiveMQ cloud and a cluster with credentials but can not connect via mqtt-cli in windows. The message I got is
“Server closed connection without DISCONNECT.”
why? any suggestion


Welcome to the HiveMQ Community forum. Glad to see you’re taking interest in HiveMQ and MQTT.

Looks like you missed adding -s while connecting to the broker. Please add it and retry.

Adding command for your reference:

$ con -h <cluster-url> -p <port-number> -s -u <mqtt-credentials-username> -pw <mqtt-credentials-password>

Adding an -s flag to the connect command opens a secure connection to the MQTT Broker with the default SSL configuration.

For more details please check our Documentation.

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Thanks a lot for your comment , but I’have really done exactly what you say, like documentation. Could it be because the payment section was not completed?
I have not done it yet and enter credit card information?

Hello, have you find a solution ? I’ve got exactly the same problem. Windows 10 mqtt-cli client : “Server closed connection without DISCONNECT.” I followed the exact quick start…

Hi edouareg .
Not yet, I use windows 7