Read retained messages from extension without subscribing?

Is there an API in the extension framework that would permit reading a retained message from a topic without the overhead of spinning up a subscription and waiting for the response?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hello @RickBullotta ,

After some review, we do not at present have an extension offering that will allow us to directly review retained messages without instantiating a subscribe request. With that said, there is a public repository, provided by Artcom, that offers a querying API, available here. As with all public extension repositories not created by HiveMQ, please bear in mind that this is not maintained by HiveMQ.

We do also offer a Message Log Extension, which can be configured to log retained messages as they are created for a topic, though this would require custom configuration for appropriate filtering.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team

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The Message Log Extension approach could work. I’m basically looking to build a REST API to read the last value received for a topic. I’d have to maintain a separate cache for the topics/messages, but I think I could make it work.