Loosing retained messages

I am loosing retained message in a hive-ce2020.2 version.
I have a publisher which send retained messages to the broker. At the same time, the publisher is sending the messages to a mosquito mqqt broker. After some time (8hours), when I subsribe to the parent topic, I get more retained messages from mosquito broker than from HiveMq-CE (receiving 570 topics on mosquitto and 480 from Hive). This is the same publisher for both broker.
I checked already the ttl for retained messages in Hive (default value tu -1 so nearly infinite ttl). Do you have any idea why the retained messages are deleted from HiveMq broker ?

Hi @jonathan.robert,

can you please describe how the retained messages are distributed? For example, has each retained message you publish it’s own topic filter and how do those topics look like?
It would also help to know how you subscribe to fetch the retained messages.


My publisher sends retained messages to topics with pattern "temperature/{roomId}/value".
I subscribed with "#" to get all retained messages.

Michael from the HiveMQ team

publisher is sending information in topic: PARCIVAL/SRVTR/SrtEquipementManager/VueEquipementCartoOSM/ControleurDeFeuxIlog/YYYYY

with YYYY is a number (4 digits max).

We subscribe on: PARCIVAL/SRVTR/SrtEquipementManager/VueEquipementCartoOSM/ControleurDeFeuxIlog/#