Public Online Broker Retained Messages

I’m testing the public hivemq broker using two instances of the hivemq online websocket clients:

  1. Connect to broker with client 1
  2. Send a retained message on topic A
  3. Connect to broker with client 2
  4. Subscribe client 2 to topic A
  5. Don’t receive the retained message for client 2

Does the online broker support retained messages?
Why am I not receiving the retained message?


Hi @Jnr,

did you type any message into the “Message” box when you published the retained message? An empty message box equals an empty payload which according to the MQTT spec results:

  • no retained messages will be created
  • and if a retained message for the topic exists already it will be deleted

Greetings and happy easter,
Michael from the HiveMQ team

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It seems you need to uncheck the retain box in order to publish a retain message. That is a bit confusing. When I uncheck the box, the retain messages work.