Push HiveMQ messages to an HTTP Listener?

Is it possible to have HiveMQ push messages from a subscription group(s) it receives to an HTTP(s) listener endpoint? I see that there are SDK integrations but wondering if I can configure HiveMQ to publish messages to an HTTP listener within the UI config console?

I do not see this option in the UI and I have the “Free” starter version so not sure if you cannot see this because I need to upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, @bronette !

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I believe we may have just corresponded via your contact request, and I wanted to be sure that I was including details here as well, for any others that may have a similar question.

MQTT communication functions differently from HTTP communication, and is its own standalone protocol. This typically restricts a native MQTT to HTTP mapping, unless an additional component is applied as an MQTT client or via an extension on the broker to properly ingest inbound MQTT messaging. With HiveMQ Cloud, this is not currently an available feature of the broker.

With that in mind, there are a number of available client options in different languages, ranging from Java to C#, JavaScript, and more. Using these client libraries to first subscribe to and receive MQTT messages will then allow you to make use of the provided payload in the manner deemed fit, such as re-distributing this message via HTTP. A list of available MQTT Client Libraries can be found here.

As you mentioned, our Community, Professional, and Enterprise broker versions are extensible, and do offer additional features via the Extension SDKs. More information about these SDKs can be found here.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team