What protocols does HIVEMQ support

Hi Team,
Along with MQTT protocol, does HIVEMQ supports AMQP/HTTP or any other protocols??

Viswanath Vankadari

Hello @ViswanathDR ,

Thank you for the outreach, and welcome to the HiveMQ community! We are always happy to see new users.

HiveMQ is built specifically as an MQTT broker, though through extensions and other bridging techniques, it is possible to connect HiveMQ to other platforms. A great place to start is our Extension marketplace, which offers some of the available, supported extensions for HiveMQ. This can be found here.

With that said, could I have you provide a bit more detail with regards to the integration that you are looking for? We’d love to point you in the right direction!

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for response.

Is it possible for HiveMQ broker to have ingestion with HTTP or AMQP protocol??

Hi @ViswanathDR

Thank you for your response, and I’m glad to assist you further.

AMQP is not supported. However, when it comes to HTTP, there are numerous extensions available with HiveMQ’s Enterprise license. You can find a full list of these extensions on the HiveMQ feature comparison page here: HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions.

To provide you with more specific guidance and recommendations, it would be beneficial if you could specify which services or platforms you intend to use for streaming data to the MQTT broker. This information will enable us to offer tailored solutions that best meet your requirements.

Please feel free to share any additional details or specific requirements you have in mind, and I’ll do my utmost to provide you with the assistance you need.

Best regards,

Dasha from HiveMQ Team