Permissions not working in Cloud starter

We are using Cloud starter edition. I have created 2 different permission types and assigned them to roles. There is still the “allow all” permission of course for some users.

As soon as i create a user with a specific role and with the permission, to, let’s say subscribe to topic BLABLA/# the user can connect, can subscribe to ALL topics (which is not the intention!) and as soon as he posts something, e.g. to BLABLA/log, the session is closed immediately.

As a workaround all my users now are using the show all permission which is not ideal.

Whats wrong here?


Hi @Manuel,

Thank you for reaching out! I understand you are experiencing an issue, and I’m here to help. Let’s walk through the steps to reproduce the problem:

  • Go to the HiveMQ Cloud Console: Navigate to the Access Management page.
  • Create a New Permission:
    • Create a permission blablaPubAndSub, to publish and subscribe topic filter blabla/#.

  • Create a New User:

    • Name the user BlablaPubAndSub1.
    • Assign the blablaPubAndSub permission to this user.

  • Open the “Web Client”:

  • Connect an MQTT Client:

  • Use the user BlablaPubAndSub1 and make sure the WebClient is connected

  • Subscribe to a Topic Filter:

    • Subscribe to the topic filter blabla/#

  • Publish a Test Message:

    • Publish to the topic blabla/test.
    • Ensure the message is received and the client remains connected.

  • Publish to a Non-Authorized Topic:

    • Publish a message to a topic that is not authorized.
    • Ensure the message is not received and the client is disconnected

Here is an overview of the credentials I used for this test:

By following these steps, we can confirm that the client can publish to the authorized topics. If your results differ, please let me know, and we can troubleshoot further.

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Ah, thank you. I must have missed something earlier, now it works. Thanks for the step-by-step instruction! Manuel