Opportunities of implementing MQTT and their benefits

Hello guys,

I would like to implement MQTT on a micocontroller (FT900).

During my research I found some different ways of implementing MQTT:

  • Using the lwIP library
  • Using the lwIP library together with freeRTOS
  • Without lwIP and RTOS: The eclipse paho embedded library for C.

The implementation with an RTOS seems to be more complex. What are the bebefits of implementing MQTT together with an RTOS rather than using the paho embedded client library?

I hope you guys can help me understanding this :slight_smile:

Best regards


Hi @Vladi,

we’re always happy to see MQTT on more devices! If your application doesn’t require RT, I can see no benefit to an MQTT client being implemented on an RTOS.
I cannot speak for the IwIP library but many customers report success using paho.

Kind regards,