MQTT 5 / Enhanced Authentication / AUTH packet handling for embedded devices?

Any advice on a client library/language to use in order to take advantage of enhanced authentication, if your target is embedded devices? I don’t think I can use the official Java or C# libraries for my targets.

Mostly i’ve been using the Eclipse Paho MQTT Rust Client Library crate, works awesome in every other way but but no support there yet for enhanced authentication. Would make sense, not much activity in the only PR I can find in the underlying Paho Eclipse C library for such support anyway:

Before I start forking bleeding edge C code, wondering if anyone out there knows a better path? Thanks!

If anyone comes after me with the same question, so far I’ve had some success with the Golang client package using enhanced authentication, as it supports the AUTH packet. You’ll want to make sure that you are importing the MQTT 5 version (not the MQTT 3), specifically at the time of this response:

require v0.12.0

I wasn’t expecting to learn Go just for this project, but hey, whatever works! Happy to still hear any other approaches.