Node-Red TLS connection

Hi all. How do you set up Node-Red to connect to the free HiveMQ cloud server. I need some certificate files etc. Where do I get those files from?

Does nobody use Node-Red and HiveMQ?

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Check out our HiveMQ Cloud FAQ post. It contains a tutorial to create a server certificate.


@fraschbi thank you for the reply. I did as the link stated.

and then it generates a file with 3 begin and end certificates in it

I use the file in the Node Red TLS config.

But Node Red will not connect

What am I doing wrong?

I wanted to share screenshots but the forum doees not allow me to show it.

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My node-red worked.
I just checked the “Enable secure connection” without generating any certificate.


The above settings don’t work for me. The publish node just keeps on showing the “connecting” status in yellow.