MQTT notifications for app

Hello. I need to receive a MQTT messsage from the hivemq broker like a notification in my smartphone. I have a java app that receives messages from It successfully, but I don’t know how to receive notifications when the app is not running. Are they push notification?

Hello @Juanma ,

Thank you for the outreach!

This configuration component sounds like it will specifically be based on the app installed, and the smartphone’s notification settings. Could you please provide the app in use? This may allow us to better identify notification options available.

From an MQTT perspective, unless the client is actively connected to the MQTT broker, it will not know that there are pending messages to be consumed, so it will likely need to remain running in some capacity at all times, if near real-time notifications are desired. For Android devices, there are additional configuration options that can be set for running apps in the background.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team