MQTT Android Client in background on Samsung Smartphone

I have writen an App including your MQTT Android Client code, and it works fine running in the background on a Samsung A10 Smartphone (Android version 11 operating system) with the code running as a foreground service. However, for the code to continue running when the phone is asleep I need to include a ‘Partial WakeLock’ command im my App code to prevent the CPU from shutting down when the phone goes to sleep. Everything works OK with this, but the battery consumption is significant, around 6% over a 12 hour period. This is OK, but ideally would like this to be much less if possible.
Is there going to be any work put into further development of the Client Library code to minimise the CPU useage, to reduce battery consumption when Smartphones are asleep, but with the ability to respond to incoming messages? (Use of WakeLocks etc in the lower level code perhaps? Developer access to the PingSender stuff perhaps?)

Hi Rich,

Please welcome to our HiveMQ community and thank you for the question! Unfortunately it is not in our plans at the moment to optimise our clients Android behaviour.

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Thanks for the reply. The HiveMQ Android Client MQTT code works very well. Hope you continue to support and maintain it.