MQTT Different clients for production


I have my gateway which connects to HiveMQ Cloud.

Now this gateway is used as a product so every client will connect to a single server. How would I create a MQTT Client which shows data of the specific client.

For example I have 2 gateways client 1) xyz client 2) abc. Now when user wants to monitor his gateway he just wants his data how can we create it. Can you please help me on that.

HI @philbrickaiwrl ,

This is great that you are interested in MQTT and HiveMQ, welcome to our community!

In the MQTT world there is an MQTT broker (you have your broker in the HiveMQ Cloud) and there are MQTT clients. Client can either PUBLISH messages to the broker on a certain topic or they can SUBSCRIBE for messages on a specific topic (or a topic filter).

If I understand your setup correctly, you have multiple clients, and each client publishes its data to a certain topic (or a number of topics). For example, client1 is publishing the room temperature every minute to the topic client1/measurements/temperature. And client2 is publishing to the topic client2/measurements/temperature.

Now, when you want to see the data of the client1, you need a client that will subscribe to the topic client1/measurements/temperature or topic filter client1/+/+ or client1/#. The easiest for you to use is this client: HiveMQ Cloud – it works in the browser and you don’t have to install anything.

If I misunderstand your use case please feel free to share more details about it

I hope this helps
Dasha from HiveMQ team