Mosquitto config file to be used when applying port 8883 TLS

Hi @dasilva92 ,

Thank you for your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ Cloud! Welcome to the community.

What is the name of your cluster?
What is the error you see when executing the following command?

mosquitto_pub -h "${your-cluster-name}" -p 8883 \
   -u 'MyUser' -P 'MyPassword' \
   -t 'Test' -m 'Hello'


mosquitto_sub  -h "${your-cluster-name}" -p 8883 \
    -u 'MyUser' -P 'MyPassword' \
    -t Test


Did you try uncommenting the following line in mosquitto.conf file and updating it with the absolute path to the ‘cafile’? For example, if you have downloaded the cafile “Downloads” folder:

cafile  /Users/${USER}/Downloads/isrgrootx1.pem

Normally, the cafile is already in the list of trusted certificates on your machine or your MQTT Library. However, if the cafile is still not there, you can download it and add it to the list of the trusted CA.

Looking forward for error message details from you and the contents of mosquitto.conf file
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Dasha from HiveMQ Team