Meshtastic RAK4631 setup

Hi everyone- I am having issues getting a Meshtastic router to take the HiveMQ MQTT Server Address
I assume this is the Cluster URL? but Meshtastic will not take that long address. Meshtastic then wants the MQTT Username and Password which I assume are the ones I setup as the Active MQTT Credentials.

So my principle issue is that the Cluster addres (edited for security)
will not take in the Meshtastic web interface for setting up the MQTT module

thanks for your insights.

Hi garthpaine,

You mention an issue in this device’s configuration panel about your broker cluster’s host name. Can you provide any screenshots of any errors outlining the issue it is having with the name?

To your username/password question, that is correct, you would normally use the Active MQTT Credentials you set up in the console Access Management section.

Seth - HiveMQ Support

Thanks I have this kind of working now - I purchase a paid cluster and shortened the URL and that works. I think the main issue I am having now is that the Meshtastic firmware running on a RAK 4631 is seeing on Port 1883 and my HiveMQ is on 8883. I can not find any way to change the Meshtastic port to 8883. Would love guidance on that.

Hi again garthpaine,

Hopefully there is a way to configure the port used by the RAK4631 - HiveMQ Cloud only allows traffic over secure port 8883 and 8884 for Websocket.

I looked over the Meshtastic documentation site but it is pretty sparse on details of MQTT configuration as well as not showing many images of the Web Client (which I believe you are using to configure the device correct?).

Are you able to post any screenshots of the configuration page(s)? This may give some clues towards what we or others in the community could suggest trying.

Seth - HiveMQ Support