Last will for hivemq edge


I am using hivemq edge broker for my project as this provide the bridge support.
There is use case where the remote broker need to publish a lastwill to its subscriber when the bridge client get disconnected.
But in the MqttBridgeclient does not have any option to set the lastwill topic or message.
Is there any plan to add this option for the bridge client?

Hi @PankajRaman

Welcome aboard to the HiveMQ Community! It’s fantastic that you’re interested in MQTT and the HiveMQ broker. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community.

Thank you for your inquiry. To better assist you, could you provide more details about the “MqttBridgeclient” you mentioned in your previous message? Specifically, if it’s associated with a particular MQTT broker, library, or software, knowing more about its context and usage would be helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hi @Daria_H
The broker we are using is hivemq-edge.
This broker provide the support for the MQTT Bridging, which I am interested in.
I have og through the document and configure the bridge as mentioned in the

But in the document we have not found any option to set the Last will topic or last will message for the bridge.

So I have go though the code of code present under hivemq-edge/hivemq-edge/src/main/java/com/hivemq/bridge/mqtt.

In the uploaded code snippet looks like there is no option to set the last will and last will message and QOS value for last will topic.
Also I can not set any custom user properties during connection also.

So is there any other way I can defined the last will for BridgeMqttClient?

It will be great if this functionality can be added to the Hive edge.


Certainly, @PankajRaman , if you had the option to set the Last Will and Testament (LWT) for the bridge client in HiveMQ Edge, how would your business benefit from this feature? Understanding your specific use case and requirements can provide insights into the importance and potential advantages of having LWT functionality for the MQTT bridge in your environment.

We have a device which make multiple MQTT connection to our remote broker.
We want to only maintain one connection from our device to remote broker, so we choose MQTT bridge functionality for that.
But we have use case where the remote broker publish the LWT to the subscribed client when the MQTT connection get dropped by any one client connected remote broker. Based in that LWT the subscriber for the LW topic make some decisions.
So we are looking for similar behaviour from Hivemq edge bridge client that when the bridge client get disconnected from the remote broker, The remote broker should publish the LWT for other subscriber.

Basically we have a monitoring service running to identify if the device is online or not. So in order to get it our program depend on the last will published by the remote broker.