HiveMQ Edge: Custom MQTT-Message

Hello everyone,

first the Problem:
I want to setup HiveMQ Edge. Therefore I tested the OPC UA and Simulation protocol adapters and the MQTT protocol connector. When I setup forwarding for a topic the mqtt-bridge sends messages on this topic to my external mqtt-broker. But every message that reaches my external broker has the following format:

“value”: CONTENT
“value”: {

So the content that is published is capsuled under “value”. The problem I need the content to be unpacked, that means I need to get rid of value.

My question:
Are there any settings that can made to achieve this behaviour?
Must the incomming data have a specific format?
Or do you have any other ideas?

If anything is unclear feel free to ask.

Best regard

Hello @adtlmoe ,

Thank you for the outreach and the interest in HiveMQ!

At this time it is not possible to modify the payload format, schema, or structure. That said, this is something that is being reviewed further by our teams internally for potential future inclusion.

With that said, could you provide some additional details regarding the external MQTT broker that is receiving messages from the bridge extension? This may allow some greater context in which we could provide additional solutions. For example, if using the HiveMQ Broker, it is possible to implement interceptors which allow modification of specific MQTT publish requests - more information can be found here.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team

Hello @AaronTLFranz,

Thank you for your answer.

The external MQTT broker is indeed a HiveMQ Broker, but the broker is included in another external platform I am using. So for me it is not possible to modify or extend this broker. That means the only point where I can manipulate the the payload is before it reaches the external broker.

What would be the best way to do that?


Hello @adtlmoe ,

Thank you for these additional details!

At this time, it is not possible to modify the payload from HiveMQ edge, though I believe this is a feature that is currently being evaluated for the team as an item for future inclusion. In the interim, it may be best to modify the incoming data from the publisher in order to meet these requirements.

I highly recommend keeping an eye out on our releases page for new HiveMQ Edge releases in the future for additional features!

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team