Kafka Integration doesn't work suddenly

I used Kafka Integration in HiveMQ Cloud Free plan, and it works well until recent.
It worked just a few minutes ago.

Please contact our support.

HiveMQ Cloud Broker receive message well.
I confirm that using web client.

What is the problem?

Hi gwjeon,

Were you still observing this issue at this time?

If so, where are you seeing this error? (Can you provide a screenshot or log output to give more context for example?)

Seth - HiveMQ Support

As I explained above, The error log I can check is ERROR_UNKNOWN_PROBLEM

It looks like working right now, but I wonder if it’s right to pay and use it in production environment because it can happen again at any time according to my experience of using it

An error has occurred again during the test process.

Once an error occurs, Kafka Integration does not work for that broker, and I create a new cluster and run Kafka Integration with the same configuration, it works fine.

It is very cumbersome to create a new HiveMQ Cloud Broker and change the address every time.

Is Kafka Integration in HiveMQ Cloud an unreliable feature?

Hi gwjeon,

Please contact cloud@hivemq.com from your email address associated with your HiveMQ Cloud account. This will open a trouble ticket under your account ​allowing the cloud support team to find relevant information that can help understand the issue.

I would also link to this Community Forum thread in that email to give context. If you are able, please keep one of the “broken” clusters live so the cloud team can take a closer look.

Seth - HiveMQ Support