Install using helm chart -getting status failed

while doing installation using helm charts getting status failed with a message ,failed to apply deployment .

Also i had tried with various version of HiveMQ from helm chart and still getting the same issue .

Hello @bismay,

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Can you please help with the following details to take a look?

  • Kubernetes version used for deploying hivemq

  • Output of following commands
    helm list -n <namespace>
    kubectl get all -n <namespace>

    In case, pods are stuck with the status pending or error
    kubectl describe pod <pod name> -n

  • your custom values.yaml

Sheetal from HiveMQ team

Hi HiveMQ,

  1. Can you provide the resource details of GKE cluster for creation of hiveMQ in both staging and production ( minimum requirement for cluster creation and custom values used)

  2. pods are not created. below error i was getting .

does not have minimum availability

3.4. kubectl get all -n -

  1. custom values.yaml file - (i am running by default not any custom values )

waiting for reply

Hello @bismay

Thank you for sharing the details. From the output of kubectl get all command, we see that hivemq pods are stuck with Pending status.

You can check the events of any of the hivemq pods which can help why it is stuck in Pending.
kubectl describe pod <pod-name>
Please share the output of this command with us to take a look.

Also, make sure you have enough resources to setup 3 node cluster( in your case. 12 CPU’s and 12GB RAM). the minimum hardware requirements per node for HiveMQ broker to run as follow,

  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • 4 or more CPUs
  • 100 GB or more free disk space.

Sheetal from HiveMQ team