Custom extensions in Kubernetes


is there an easy way to include custom extensions when deploying on Kubernetes cluster using your helm charts?

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Hello Arne,

Welcome to our community forum! It is great that you are interested in MQTT and HiveMQ.

To install your custom extensions, use the extensions field in your custom values.yaml file.
Check out the HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator::Add and Remove Extensions for all the configuration details.

I hope this information helps. Have fun with your HiveMQ journey!

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hello Dasha,

Thanks for the response, but thats not what i meant. The Swarm deployment does work without the Kubernetes Operator. Also there is no extensions field in the values.yaml of the Swarm deployment.
So is there an equal way to install custom extensions for swarm?


Hi Arne,

Thanks for clarification!

  1. You are correct, there is no “extensions” field in the values.yaml of the hivemq-swarm.

  2. The way to install a custom Swarm extension is to put the extension *.jar file to ${SWARM_HOME}/extensions/ directory.

More info on how to prepare the customer *.jar file and use in scenario.xml you can find here: HiveMQ Swarm Extensions :: HiveMQ Documentation

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