Creating MQTT Credentials

I started with the free cloud solution but want to use WEB Sockets, so I switched to the Community Edition.
The cloud version allows MQTT Credentials to be managed via a WEB Interface. How do I do this via the Community edition?

Hi @mkmqtt ,
It is great you are interested in MQTT and HiveMQ, welcome to our community :slight_smile:

What is your requirement: to use a WebSocket connection on the HiveMQ Cloud broker or to configure a WebSocket listener on your self-hosted HiveMQ CE broker?

If you want to use a WebSocket connection from the client to the broker, HiveMQ Cloud cluster has a WebSocket listener, port 8884. The screenshot shows how it looks in my cluster:

If you chose to host a HiveMQ CE by yourself, you can also add a WebSocket listener and implement basic access control. Yet there is no “web-interface” and all configuration is done in the configuration files such as $HIVEMQ_HOME/conf/config.xml file etc.

I hope this helps,
Dasha from HiveMQ team