How to programatically set list of nodes for a protocol adapter for HiveMQ Edge

I am trying to understand and use HiveMQ Edge to connect and collect data from OPCUA server. I see protocol adapter is the way, as per documentation - Protocol adapters · hivemq/hivemq-edge Wiki · GitHub
But I see it has xml way of configuring multiple nodes.
Can you please suggest, how can I dynamically set a huge list of nodes(may be in thousands), to read data from?
I have to connect and read data from thousands of nodes of OPCUA server.

Hello @abhishekmj ,

Thank you for the outreach!

It sounds like this use-case may be a great candidate for utilizing the HiveMQ Edge API. As per the page linked in your original post, “Adapter instances can be added to the system using API, static configuration or the User interface. All 3 mechanisms result in the main config.xml file being updated with a new element sitting under the ‘’ element.”

This means that if we need to dynamically update our Protocol Adapters, we can do so dynamically via the API. We have some solid flexibility here, with the ability to update, remove, or add new protocol adapters with API calls seamlessly. More details regarding our API can be found here.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team

Thanks a lot Aaron!
Excellent if we have APIs for that :slight_smile: .I was skeptical to use, thinking we need to configure through config files…