Persist Data in HiveMQ-Edge

Hi all,
first of all, thanks for making hivemq-edge available. It is a really nice tool.

I can not figure out how to properly persist configuration data when running hivemq-edge as a docker container.

I can mount the config folder and the config is properly loaded from the config.xml file. However, when creating new adapters on the gui those adapters are not stored in the config.xml and thus not loaded, when restarting the container.

Is that intentional or how can I properly persist all configigurations.

The documentation states the following

Adapter instances can be added to the system using API, static configuration or the User interface. All 3 mechanisms result in the main config.xml file being updated with a new element sitting under the ‘’ element.

After creating a new adapter, when should that adapter apear in the config.xml? I can not see that this file is being modified.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @blabladudelioe

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! Have you had a chance to review the HiveMQ Edge Mutable & Immutable Configuration wiki documentation?

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team

Thanks @Diego for the link. I haven’t seen that.