How to check HiveMQ Connection in Wireshark

Hi everyone.

I am a student. Currently, I develop a simple MQTT project using EPS8266 and HiveMQ Cloud. (For the code, I used the example in “Getting Started Arduino” at, the port is 8883)

I would like to analyze and calculate the delay and throughput of my MQTT system using Wireshark.
But when I start to capture it and use “mqtt” filter, I only get the PING Request and PING Response.

I tried changing the filter to “tcp”. And this is what I get.

The question is how do I know which one of these data is my MQTT connection?
What filter do I need to use?
Or is there any other way to analyze and calculate the delay and throughput of my system?

If you have any suggestions, please kindly let me know.
Thank you.

Hi @geraldares ,

Great that you are interested in MQTT protocol and HiveMQ MQTT broker, welcome to the community!

Have you already checked out the video about MQTT and Wireshark? Get started with Our Free Cloud Broker HiveMQ and Websockets - YouTube If so, was it helpful or do you have questions after watching it? Please let us know.

The Wireshark seems to have specific filters intended for MQTT protocol traffic. Was using it helpful or still there are questions regarding it? Please let us know.

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Support Team