HiveMQ websocket connection in android app not showing in Proxyman

I am using HiveMQ android client. When I try to capture ion Proxyman or any other network debugger, I only see the API transactions but never the websocket connections. Is the client somehow hiding this so it cannot be debugged?

Hello @Jaim ,

Thank you for the outreach, and the interest in HiveMQ!

It sounds like you are currently attempting to perform some packet captures from the Android client in order to debug network activity, specifically when using websocket connections. While I do not have the specifics for how Proxyman handles these network connections, I can confirm that these are not intentionally obfuscated, and comply with the MQTT standards for the packet types used during connectivity, more of which can be found on the OASIS standard guidelines here :


MQTT 3.1.1

If there is a particular issue you are looking to troubleshoot with the Android client, please feel free to provide the details of the issue that you have encountered, and we would be happy to assist further!

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team