HiveMQ CE Memory and CPU Usage

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For my master thesis I’m comparing the scalibility of various Open-Source MQTT brokers.
I’m running HiveMQ CE on my Ubuntu VM and I am trying to get statistics about the CPU and peak RAM usage.
At first I simply tried to use the time -v command, but this did statistics that made sense (probably because the command can’t separate between the Java runtime environment and the hivemq jar usage).
So I tried to use the MBeans monitoring, but I saw that the CPU and memory relevant metrics are not showing up. Would it be correct to say, that these metrics are limite to the full version of HiveMQ and not available in the CE edition?
Can you recommend me any other way how I could measure the CPU and memory usage of the broker?

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Hi @MelvinBender,

Nice to see your interest in HiveMQ for your master thesis. Regarding your questions:

You are right. The export of these metrics via the HiveMQ Metric Registry is available in enterprise/professional only. We are not exposing these metrics at all through hivemq. We usually use a solution like telegraf for getting such information into a Grafana/InfluxDB. If you still like to test HiveMQ Enterprise Edition we can provide you with an evaluation license. Just contact us per mail.

As HiveMQ CE is a JVM software, you can use any general JVM monitoring solution. I like to use the tool VisualVM for this.

Getting reliable performance benchmarks for large scale systems like HiveMQ is not a trivial task (well suited for a master thesis imho. ). We have a couple of blog posts and other material on about this, if you are interested.

May I ask you, for what university/institute you are doing your thesis?

All the best

Edit: CPU and mem are not exposed by HiveMQ EE/PE without additional tooling.

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Hi @sauroter,

thank you for your quick response.

Thank you for your offer! I am interested in your Enterprise Edition from a developer perspective, but for my thesis we have decided to only focus on Open-Source solution which is why we can only consider your Community Edition :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is probably one of the tools I was looking for.
I will try it and see if this will give me meaningful statistics about MEM/CPU usage of the HiveMQ CE while increase the network load by using Apache JMeter and its MQTT plugin.
Thank you for the links as well, these are highly relevant for my thesis.

Sure! I am writing my thesis at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services by Prof. Carle at the Technical University of Munich. So I’m also based in Bavaria :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Melvin Bender

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