How do I connect the HiveMQ to Homeassistant running on RPI4

Hello I tried to connect the HIVE MQ to Homeassistant installed on RPI 4. I followed the steps, but I get no Integration done. How does the configuration.yaml have to look like. Where do I get the right certificate and how do I integrate this the right way.
I put the downloaded certificate in the config directory “isrgrootx1.pem”
What doing I’m wrong?

port: 8883
username: xxxxx
password: xxxxx

  certificate: /config/isrgrootx1.pem

Hi @Hue8i

Great to see your interest with MQTT and HiveMQ. When you wrote “I followed the steps” – what did you mean can you provide the link?

Dasha from HiveMQ team

Hello Daria_H

@Hue8i ,

Great, thanks for sharing the link. Looking at the steps, I see that the configuration.yaml is a YAML file which means that it is sensible to the formatting. When adding your mqtt: block, pay attention to the indentation:

If unsure that your YAML is formatted correctly, feel free to share you project with us and we will help you to check. Hint: if you are sharing the content of the file here in the thread, enclose it with triple quotes (```) that will preserve the original file formatting and make it readable for us :wink:

Next, when you are sure that the YAML is valid, continue to Troubleshooting. Specifically when integration does not show up, the first troubleshooting step is to check the log:

When an integration does not show up, many different things can be the case. Before you try any of these steps, make sure to look at the home-assistant.log file and see if there are any errors related to your integration you are trying to set up.

So, I suggest you find your home-assistant.log and see if there is any warning regarding the integration it it.

I hope this helps
Dasha from HiveMQ team


I have a similar problem, as the person in the previous post, I followed all the steps in the video, but this did not lead to success in the end. I have attached are some screenshots.

I would be grateful for any help

Hi @Joschua ,

Great to see your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ, welcome to the community!

First, I suggest completing Home Assistant Troubleshooting steps, specifically Debug Logging and Diagnostics.

I hope it helps,
Kind regards,