Helium connection

Hi there I am new to HiveMQ

Having troubles with an integration with Helium Console that seems like others have also had the issue. Here is an issue tracker about it

Can someone comment, as I never know if this is a HiveMQ slight difference in how they do TLS, or if it is an issue on the Helium side.

Helium expects information to be setup in this fairly easy format


Hi @rocksetta ,

It is great that you are interested in HiveMQ and MQTT !

Your format seems correct, given that you are using username, password and hostname of your free HiveMQ cloud broker and port 8883. In order to investigate the issue, we need some additional information from you:

What is specific error that you get from Helium?
Which steps would I take to reproduce your issue?

Dasha from HiveMQ team

Hi Dasha

Helium Console does not provide any meaningful message, besides a generic “error”.

All I know is that integration on Helium Console with Shiftr works as expected.

For connection I use mqtts://user:pass@xxx.s2.eu.hivemq.cloud:8883 which I can use to connect from the HiveMQ Websocket Client just fine.

Uplink/Downlink Topics I use are:
Uplink Topic: helium/{{device_id}}/rx
Downlink Topic: helium/{{device_id}}/tx

Any ideas?

Hi @dsidler ,

Does Helium Console require a server CA in order to connect with TLS? If so, you can download the root certificate here .
This will create a file called “isrgrootx1.pem”, which you can use as “Server Certiciate”.

I hope this helps,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Thanks Dasha. Helium Console is a web app where I can’t install my own root certs. Similar to the HiveMQ Websocket Client.