HiveMQ Edge possible improvement

Firstly really liking the edge product good work!!!

The UNS feature is well intended. Wondering if it could be further abstracted to a parametrized hierarchy? Meaning allowing the user to define the # of levels and corresponding name of each level. The Basic ISA 95 structure is nice but misses out on different realities out there. One common example is. Enterprise\Business Unit\Site… or Line\Cell\Station\Device… Flexibility in UNS naming structure here is the idea

Just a thought.

Thank you for your kind words about the Edge product! Your suggestion of a parametrized hierarchy for the Unified Naming System (UNS) is an interesting one and could indeed offer greater flexibility to accommodate different organizational structures and naming conventions. Allowing users to define the number of levels and the corresponding names for each level would provide a more customizable and adaptable approach to organizing and naming assets within the system.

This kind of feature could potentially enhance the UNS’s usability across a wider range of industries and use cases. It could empower users to align the naming structure more closely with their specific business processes and hierarchies, whether that involves Enterprise/Business Unit/Site or Line/Cell/Station/Device, as you mentioned.

However, implementing such a parametrized hierarchy would require careful design and development to ensure that it remains intuitive and user-friendly. It might also be important to provide guidance or best practices to help users make informed decisions about their naming conventions and hierarchies.

Ultimately, this idea aligns with the concept of providing customization and adaptability to better suit diverse user needs. It’s worth considering as a potential enhancement to the UNS feature, and it could contribute to making the product even more valuable and versatile for users across different industries and organizational structures.

Thank you for the feedback. It is highly appreciated. We have passed it on to our product team for consideration. Thanks.