HiveMQ cloud - Error message when adding access credentials

I’m having an issue where for one of my devices, I deleted the access credential as I needed to update the password to follow the new password policy on HiveMQ cloud.

So the idea was:

  1. Delete the old credential.
  2. Add the credential again, with a new password.

However, I am unable to add the credential using the same login again and am getting an error with no reason.
Credential creation failed

If I change the login, it can be added. However, this is not an option, as the Login name is based on the device UID and cannot be changed on the device.

Any idea why this process did not work? For the sake of security, we may sometimes need to change device passwords in case of a suspected breach, but if I’m unable to add the same device again, I’ll end up in a deadlock where my device will never be able to connect again.

EDIT: Tested again with a different device. This error is repeatable. To all who read this - DO NOT DELETE YOUR ACCESS CREDENTIALS. You may not be able to add it again.

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Hi @EugeneG,

Thank you for pointing out this error. This is a known issue and our engineering team is already working on a fix.

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team

Hi @Diego

Thanks for the reply.

If it is not too much to ask, can we have:

  1. An edit button, where we can update the password and permissions without having to delete and add the credential again?
  2. An additional level of security where some credentials can be assigned to a unique MQTT ID? This would offer additional protection against leaked passwords.