HiveMQ Cloud and Plugins

I have a plugin (TcMqttPlugin.dll) that needs to reside on the broker. What version of HiveMQ cloud do I need? Is it possible to use 3rd party developed plugins?

Hello LD35,

No you can’t run the TcMqttPlugin.dll, because it is a Mosquitto Plugin.

HiveMQ can be extended by user defined HiveMQ Extensions, see: HiveMQ Extension Development :: HiveMQ Documentation.

But unfortunately, it is not possible right now to use HiveMQ Extensions in HiveMQ Cloud.

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  • Yannick
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Hi Yannick,

Thanks so much for the response! I’m new to mqtt, but very interested in learning. Our company has a protocol called ADS over MQTT for communicating with our controllers. I can get it to run locally with an eclipse broker, but the ultimate goal is to get it to work on HiveMQ cloud. I think I’m getting stuck on security certificates. Do you know anyone that has gotten ADS over MQTT to work on HiveMQ cloud?