HiveMQ CE Cluster


With HiveMQ CE, how can I cluster my broker?


Hi @longlyhoang,

Nice to see your interest in the HiveMQ Community Edition.
Clustering is one of the features that are not available for the HiveMQ CE.
You can find a complete list of features and how they are distributed across the available HiveMQ editions here.

Kind regards,
Florian from the HiveMQ Team.

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Hi @fraschbi
I wonder what will be the use of this edition without clustering?
Looking for an OpenSource MQTT solution to implement critical features with a 200K fleet of android smartphones Iā€™m forced to not retain HiveMQ CE as we need this feature.
Thanks Youcef HILEM

Hi @hilem,

Thank you for reaching out and for your patience.
I am not quite certain I understand your question.
In case you are looking for a production critical solution, you can check out our HiveMQ editions.

Hope his helps.
Kind regards,

Thank you for your response.
Yes I looked well before the link HiveMQ editions.
Sorry but our policy is to use 100% opensource with support contract the first year. We have enough resources internally to acquire the skills and possibly contribute to the evolutions of the product.