Getting started Pi Pico

First attempt at using HiveMq.

I’m following along in the Industry40tv tutorial, I have my account set up, but I am stumped at how to fill in the blanks. I don’t know where to find this information. Any help would be appreciated.

   client= MQTTClient(client_id=b"badflash",
                       server=b"Where do I find this?",
                       user=b"Where do I find this?",
                       password=b"Where do I find this?",
                       ssl_params={'server_hostname':'Where do I find this?'}

You might consider setting up something like BLYNK does, where you can simply copy and paste everything you need to connect your micropython app. I see loads of posts here where people are as confused as I am.

I am still a bit confused, but I got it working. My biggest issue was not using the right MQTT drivers. mqtt.robust would not install using PyPi so I used one that was not correct but did install, mqtt.robust2. I uninstalled the wrong driver, downloaded the right one from github and put it in the /lib folder. mqtt.simple2 is the wrong mqtt for the pico, even though it installs.The robust file is here:

It also looks like you can mix & match clients