Folder structure in HiveMQ CE docker image


I am able to view the following files and folder’s in the “opt” directory of “hivemq/hivemq-ce” docker image when running it as a container.

“” which is a file
“hivemq” is a folder
“hivemq-ce-2021.1” is a folder

I would like to know which folder should be used when trying to customise and creating a new image using “hivemq/hivemq-ce” as the base image - “hivemq” or “hivemq-ce-2021.1”.

I am able to use “hivemq” directory to customise and add RBAC extension, create a new image and run it as a container by executing “” located in “/opt/hivemq/bin/” folder.

Also what is the purpose of “” ? Executing this script in customised image doesn’t seem to start the broker.