Hivemq installation directory

hi i am using docker container to run hivemq, when i run hivemq using docker it shows home directory as /opt/hivemq but when i check there is no hivemq folder in /opt/ , and there is no hidden folder too, also i checked the document for installation it’s mentioned about default user being hivemq but there is no default user hivemq being created

HI @triples13,

You have to follow the steps in the installation chapter you quoted.
For example step 7 is:

Create HiveMQ user

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hi @fraschbi after a lot of effort on configuring i found that the docker images were there in /var/lib/docker/overlay2/{imagename}/opt/hivemq- 3.4.3 but there was only config folder ,i want to configure hivemq so that i can use tls with certificates and with extension which i used in hivemq windows but i am unable to figure out how can i configure these in hivemq docker?

got it after following the link
was able to resolve and build custom image

Hi @triples13,
congrats on resolving your issues.

Feel free to come back any time you like, if you encounter an other snag.