Disable LOG-Files in data

With the HiveMQ CE 2020.2, in the directories “data/publish_payload_store//” and “data/retained_messages//” log files of the form “LOG” or “LOG.old.<timestamp?>” are written like

2020/03/12-10:37:30.675432 343c RocksDB version: 6.5.2
2020/03/12-10:37:30.675562 343c Git sha rocksdb_build_git_sha:@2498478d3f280372547d1272c785642ecfec6122@
2020/03/12-10:37:30.675603 343c Compile date Dec 30 2019
2020/03/12-10:37:30.675635 343c DB SUMMARY
2020/03/12-10:37:30.678071 343c CURRENT file: CURRENT
2020/03/12-10:37:30.678124 343c IDENTITY file: IDENTITY

How can I disable the writing of log files?


Nice to see your interest in the HiveMQ Community Editions.
These files are part of the file persistence and are necessary.
You cannot prevent them from being created.

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I understand these files are necessary. Unfortunately the files LOG.old.<timestamp> consume more than 20 GB disk space in publish_payload_store and retained_messages together with the former being bigger.

Is there a way to limit disk space usage? In my case there are 128 folders going from publish_payload_store_0 to _63 and retained_messages_0 to _63.

Any comment would be appreciated. And tell me if I need to provide more information. Like checking for the file dates nothing seems to be older than 4 days.


I have the same problem. Is there any solution to minimize the LOG file?


The size of the data folder is really impressive. A few days afeter startup we are at 22Gb. The number of messages exchanged is always the same and the number of retained messages is always the same. How can we fix that ?

Hello everyone,

a little heads up, you can track this issue
We have this on our board and we expect to start working on this issue soon.

Michael from the HiveMQ team


Hello everyone,

the issue is fixed. The fix will be part of the upcoming releases.

CE: If you can’t wait until the next release you could build a custom version.


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Thank you guys. Improvements look great :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing this bug.
Any news on this when there will be a new HiveMQ CE release containing this fix?
Nightly works great, but we would like to stay on the release versions.

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Hi Christoph,

we released the new version today.

Kind regards,
Michael from the HiveMQ team