Many GB of logs after a few months

Hi there

I have many GB of logs after a few months - but i didn’t used the service - just the daemon was running.

Is that normal - the default behavior?

Thank you very much for your feedback.

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No empty space on disk because of HiveMQ CE logs? · Issue #269 · hivemq/hivemq-community-edition · GitHub

Hello @rkaifwtznt,

what version are you using? I think you ran into this issue:
HiveMQ forum thread: Disable LOG-Files in data

This was fixed with version 2020.6

Michael from the HiveMQ team

Hello Michael

Thank you for your feedback.

The Version i use: hivemq-ce-2020.4

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Yeah sadly this version has this issue, so you’ll need to upgrade to at least 2020.6 (better yet to the current version: Releases · hivemq/hivemq-community-edition · GitHub).

I’ll close the related issue on GitHub.

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Michael from the HiveMQ team

ok thx

Kind regards, rkaifwtznt