Debugging (Breakpoints) on a custom plugin

I am currently stuck developing a plugin. I have gone through this documentation: Development with the Maven Plugin :: HiveMQ Documentation

The plugin supposedly can be started with the HiveMQ instance. But it rather seems that the plugin is not executed. No logs are displayed and breakpoints can’t be set either.

It would be nice if someone could test the documentation to help me with this.

Hi @Jonas ,

we are glad to welcome you to our community, it is nice to see your interest in MQTT and HivemQ.

Unfortunately, you are referring to the old version of HiveMQ broker that reached its End of life on 12-12-2020. “Plugins” are not supported by HiveMQ broker since version 4. A new concept of “HiveMQ Extensions” has been introduced since.

Please refer to the HiveMQ Extension Developer Guide. Note that there is a Quick Start both for Maven and for Gradle, but we prefer Gradle.

I hope this helps

Dasha from HiveMQ team