HiveMQ CE as Maven Dependency


are there plans to publish the Broker CE as Maven artifact? For now, I’ll evaluate using the source but having a versionable maven dependency would be cool.


Hey Frederic,

As of right now, no such plans exist.
We are certainly willing to discuss something like this.
In order for us to better understand why this would be useful, would you mind sharing a specific use case for a HiveMQ CE Maven Dependency with me?

Thank you and kind regards,

Our product has a central server component which currently uses the moquette library tightly integrated into the server component to have external IoT-Clients connect to the central component via MQTT. We want to evaluate HiveMQ in exactly that context and possibly switch over.

Here are some findings from when I tried to use HIveMQ as drop-in replacement for Moquette:

  • No maven dependency means I either have to use source or jar artifact
  • First try: hivemq.jar includes a main method. Copying its contents as boilerplate code to instantiate an MQTT broker messes up our log4j logging. Adding the log4j slf bridge doesn’t work because slf is hard-baked into the jar -> no luck
  • Second try: using source. Tried to do a gradle build as well as converting gradle to maven. Both seem to require a significant amount of changes to our codebase/build environment for which I can’t justify to use the time

So what we (and possibly other devs) would really like would be a way to integrate HiveMQ like this:

  • add dependency to gradle/maven
  • instantiate HiveMQServer object from our code (if possible without having to use Guice dependency injection)

This is just my first look at the current situation and I fully understand that this might not be something you might just do out of goodwill but if you have some hints I’d be happy to try again

Well, would you care to at least tell me if you (the devs, the community, whoever) would be willing to support our efforts in this direction? It would be fair enough if not as this is Open Source but I’d really like to know.

If we can work something out together, I’d be more than willing to share back to the community but as I have never worked with the HiveMQ source, some initial hints and pointers or even some commits from your side might be helpful.

Hi @fbeister,

sorry to have kept you hanging.

We have an open issue on github concerning a possible maven dependency. Right now we are still deliberating internally how to best proceed.

I hope this is acceptable for you


This is indeed very acceptable and much appreciated! Thanks for the info!

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