Hivemq-prometheus extension

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i have a question about prometheus extension for the hivemq broker deployed as pod in kuberetes.
Currently i am running community broker with file-rbac, prometheus extensions and now my goal is to get metrics in my promethus server running on kubernetes. I am getting metrics like “com_hivemq” but my question if suppose my pod dies and it come up with new ip and everytime i should manually update the ‘target’ in promethus.yml file. i dont want to repeat this , how to fix for one endpoint in the target in promethus ui.
I am not deploying as a docker-compose .

can someone help me how to acheive or move forward.
i would appericiate if someone provide any source or ideas, please let me know.
I woulld like to hear from you soon.

Gowtham Reddy Eeda

Hello @gowtham,

Thank you for the interest in HiveMQ!

Typically in Kubernetes deployments, when a static address is needed for external requests, a load balancer service is implemented. This will allow static address assignment for this service, rather than having to utilize dynamic pod addresses. If a load balancer is outside of the scope of this deployment, an ingress service can be utilized as well.

Some details regarding load balancers are available here.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team