Custom Authentication

Hi Team,
I have used HiveMQ Enterpise Security Extension. This extension works on specfic tables like(users, roles, permission…).

As per my requriement, the same kind of authentication needs to happen, but on different set of customised tables.
How to achieve my requirement? Is it we need to have custom extension or some other way?
Can you please guide us.

If needed, we can get into a meeting and discuss.

Viswanath Vankadari

Hi @ViswanathDR,

Thank you for reaching out with your query about authentication requirements with HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension (ESE).

To address your needs without creating new database tables or a custom extension, consider utilizing database views, provided your database server supports them.

A database view functions as a virtual table, essentially a saved SQL query. When queried, it executes the underlying SQL query and returns results as if it were a table.

If your database supports views, you can create views mirroring the structure of ESE tables (users, roles, permissions etc.), aligning the columns with the expected ESE table structure.

Compose SELECT queries within these views to dynamically fetch data from your custom tables, making these views act as virtual representations of ESE tables with data sourced from your custom tables.

While SQL is typically the standard language for creating and populating views, some databases may offer advanced features or support stored procedures or scripts in view definitions. For specifics, refer to the documentation of your database management system, as different databases may have distinct syntax and features related to views.

I trust this information proves helpful.

Best regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team