Control Center Kafka Dashboard not updating MQTT to Kafka consumed Message Statistics

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I wanted to evaluate the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka.
I have downloaded the HiveMQ Enterprise Edition 4.7.1.
Deleted the DISABLED file from the extensions\hivemq-kafka-extension folder.
Copied kafka-configuration.example.xml to kafka-configuration.xml from extensions\hivemq-kafka-extension folder.
Below is the snapshot of kafka-configuration.example.xml file.

Started the HiveMQ.

Downloaded the kafka_2.12-2.8.0 from the Apache Kafka site.
Started Zookeeper and Kafka services using these commands:

cd C:\kafka_2.12-2.8.0\bin\windows
zookeeper-server-start C:\kafka_2.12-2.8.0\config\
kafka-server-start C:\kafka_2.12-2.8.0\config\

Created one topic by name kafka-topic using this commamnd:
kafka-topics --create --topic kafka-topic --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Then produced one message using Kafka Producer command to topic kafka-topic:
kafka-console-producer --topic kafka-topic --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Then consumer started listing to this kafka-topic using this command and was able to see the messages:
kafka-console-consumer --topic kafka-topic --from-beginning --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Now using the MQTT Cli shell mode ran these commands i.e. publishing a messatge to MQTT topic test.

con -i pubclient1 --no-cleanStart --debug --verbose -k 3600
pub -t test -q 2 -m ‘test message from mqtt topic publish 8’

I was able to see this message in the Kafka Consumer console.

My question is in the Control Center Kafka Dashboard not able to see any messages statistics. I tried sending some 10 messages to MQTT topic and they were able to consume in the Kafka Topic but Control Center Dashboard is not updated.
See below the screenshot. I refreshed the dashboard multiple times but no luck.

HiveMQ console log:

The inbound published messages count is shown in the main dashboard but only in kafka dashboard it is not shown.

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Hi @vgkkonda,

the dashboard for the kafka extension was designed for continuous throughput scenarios.
You don’t see the message in the dashboard because at the time when the dashboard loaded a new datapoint you probably weren’t sending any messages.

If you send 10msg/s for like 20s you will see them in the dashboard.

Michael from the HiveMQ team

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