Configuring minew G1 gateway

Hi everyone,
has anyone setup a minew G1 gateway to send mqtt messages to HiveCloud?


Hi marcocim,

It doesn’t look like anyone’s provided any setup guides for that device yet. Are you running into any problems configuring it using whatever panel or setup Minew offers?

If you outline any issues (screenshots, logs, errors, etc) the community may be able to further assist.

For general HiveMQ Cloud documentation:

Thanks for your interest in HiveMQ.

Seth - HiveMQ Support

Hi hive-support,
minew G1 gateway allow MQTT configuration with TCP or SSL, to use SSL it needs certificates, i don’t know if HiveCloud allow SSL certificates generation (like AWS IoT Core).



Hi again marcocim,

Though currently HiveMQ Cloud free/pay as you go clients won’t use their own certificates for connection, if your device needs a root certificate for HiveMQ Cloud check our FAQ here (second item in the list):

The certificate is in .pem format, but this can be converted with openssl to .crt or other formats as needed depending on the device.

To better understand what you are facing with the Minew G1, we looked around some and found this guide someone made for connecting to Amazon:

In the “Setting up the Gateway with certificates and MQTT Publishing” section it shows uploading files to the device using a USB stick. I can’t tell if it will allow you to use just the root certificate there (leaving the client certificates empty), and any client username/password you’ve set up (in our HiveMQ Cloud console) in another screen though.

You may need to experiment. Please let us know how it goes!

Seth - HiveMQ Support

Hi Hivemq Support,
i tried to configure MQTT parameters on minew G1 following your instructions (getting certificate .pem, converting it to .crt using openssl, uploading file using minew G1 control panel, using my hivemq cloud console user and pwd ).

It doesn’t seem to work.



Hi again Marco,

Just to be sure, when you say your “hivemq cloud console user and pwd” you mean one you added in Access Management correct? (i.e. not the one used to login to the console itself)

Assuming the above is true, can you share where you entered the username/password in the G1’s configuration screens?

Finally, is there any logging or error message it is giving you?

Seth - HiveMQ Support