Client connections maxed out

I’m only testing with three client connections in my environment, but I’ve inadvertently maxed out my 100 max connections.
Is there some way you can reset me ? i’ve tried to use your cli, but I was not able to connect. It was always refused.
Thank you,

Hello @bobthedeveloper ,

Thank you for reaching out!

If you happen to know the client IDs for these clients, you can always reconnect utilizing these IDs with a clean session request during connection - this will clear the previous clients from the broker, and allow them a fresh connection.

If you don’t happen to know the client IDs, there is not currently a way to query the broker for them. By default, these connections will be cleared at the end of the month.

Another user with similar questions had a previous thread, available here, which may provide some additional insight!

If more information regarding connected clients is required, please feel free to contact our team at

Aaron from HiveMQ Team

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