Changing .frozen/ folder to /lib/ (MQTT Project)


I am trying to follow this tutorial right here ,Raspberry Pi Pico W for IoT Project Using MicroPython and MQTT [ A Complete Guide ] - YouTube, but when I install the following command, upip.install(“micropython-umqtt.robust”), it keeps downloading to a library called .frozen/.
I can’t change the directory of the file to /lib/, ive tried everything even chatGPT and I still don’t know how to change it.
I hope somebody helps me, please.

Hi Pedro,

I found a similar issue in a thread on StackOverflow:

Doing some Googling around using upip for various micropython packages, I’m seeing some similar reports within the last few months, this seems to be something recent.

I am not sure what has changed, but does following the answer in that thread (but using micropython-umqtt.robust instead of the poster’s micropython-pystone) to specify /lib work for you?

Seth - HiveMQ Support

thank you, this solved my problem.