Failed to install hivemq

i finished installed Hivemq v 4.1.1 however if fails to start with error "Failed to update counters "

please advise ,
does Hivemq run on windows

Hello @amrtaha,

Yes, HiveMQ does run on WIndows.
Can you please share the output of your hivemq.log file with me?

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kind reminder

Hello @amrtaha,

Which Windows version are you using?
Which Java version do you have installed?
Did you start HiveMQ with administrative rights?
Which steps did you take to identify the problem on your own so far?

Just to clarify your initial question.
Yes. HiveMQ runs on Windows.

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Hello @amrtaha,

at a first glance on the log you provided, I found the logs “Could not start TCP Listener on port 1883 and address Is it already in use?” and “Could not bind any listener. Stopping HiveMQ.”

This causes HiveMQ to shut down, as the port HiveMQ want’s to allow MQTT connections is already in use.
You could configure another port to use or find out what other program uses this port (via cmd (run as admin): netstat -ab) and stop it.

As for the ERROR log, I could single out OSHI for causing this log. But to clarify if this is a bug (or a support issue) you need to provide the information @fraschbi asked for.

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If netstat does not show this port in use, try also “netsh interface ipv4 show excludedportrange protocol=tcp” . It shows list of reserved ranges (unfortunately without any info what reserved them). For example on my machine range 1840 to 1940 is reserved, so I had to configure HiveMQ to use a different port.


thanks , i will check and let you know

Dear Sir

i am using windows 7 professional

java used is jdk 11