Bridge Extension sample for helm installation

i am trying to use hivemq for my usecase for which i have deployed hivemq through helm and now i need to enable bridge extension through helm for which i am not able to find any samples online.

Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

Hallo Prabusankar!

You can enable the bridge extension by enabling it in the values.yml:

    - # Default platform extensions starting from 4.4.0. Add a configMap and enable them if you want to use either
      name: hivemq-kafka-extension
      extensionUri: preinstalled
      enabled: false
    - name: hivemq-bridge-extension
      extensionUri: preinstalled
      enabled: true

Please also make sure that you are using the latest version of our helm chart.

- Yannick

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thank you YannickWeber for you suggestion…!

i enabled the bridge extension but now facing the following error
Bridge Extension: Connect to bridge ‘test-bridge’ failed for the 25 time, reason: Server closed connection without DISCONNECT.\n",“stream”:“stdout”}

please let me know if this is because of configuration or network issue…!

Hello Prabusanakr.

This error reads as there is the default configuration of the bridge extension enabled.
You can find the config under “/opt/hivemq/extensions/hivemq-bridge-extension/bridge-configuration.xml”

- Yannick