Unencrypted server hosting

Can’t we host an encrypted server?
We use a device that does not support tls.
So I want to open the server with 1883 port instead of 8883 port.

Hi bin2,

Welcome to our HiveMQ community forum! Please clarify,

  1. are you looking to host a HiveMQ broker yourself or for a cloud broker hosted by a 3rd-party?
  2. will it be a production environment or only for a test ?

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hi Daria

I want to use the hosting server you provide.
We are a production environment.
Is it possible to host with 1883 ports?


Hi bin2,

Thank you for providing more details! HiveMQ Cloud broker is not available to use without encryption. In production it is not secure to use a broker without encrypted connection. Find more info about MQTT security considerations in the following article: Securing MQTT Systems - MQTT Security Fundamentals

  • the HiveMQ Cloud broker (free and paid) is only available via encrypted (TLS) connection, port 8883 and 8884 (Web Socket).
  • a Self-hosted HiveMQ you can configure both with and without encryption and use any port.
  • the Public HiveMQ broker ( is not intended for production use and it is available without encryption on the port 1883 and 1884(Web Socket).

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team