Shared subscription on wildcard topic: process events corresponding to specific topic in order


I have a shared subscription on a wildcard topic: $share/car-status/car/#/status. At this moment, I have 4 consumers on this subscription, dividing the work, but this number might of course change over time.

Is it possible to process the events belonging to the same topic, for example car/123/status, in order? That is, I do not want to spread those events over multiple consumers, at least not in parallel. You could compare it with the behavior of consumer groups in Kafka.

Thank you.

Hi @Jui ,

You could use HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka to map MQTT topics to Kafka topics and to transfer messages directly to Kafka. When messages are in Kafka, you can make use of Kafka consumer groups and other Kafka features.

You will find more on configuration in HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka documentation.

I hope this helps
Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team