Regarding Qos 0 memory exceeded alert

I recently came across a notification in my Hivemq control center dashboard stating Qos 0 memory exceeded. Does this occur when a memory limit has been set previously has been exceeded? Also i read that new messages would get dropped. If that is the case how can i prevent the memory exceeded error and how can i prevent messages getting dropped?


Any answers are appreciated.

Hi Shaku,

You previously asked about a different observed error, “Qos 0 channel not writable”:

For “Qos 0 memory exceeded” errors, everything @michael_w advised should still apply - it’s usually an issue of topic client subscriber consumption being a bottleneck. What was the outcome after reviewing his advice? Did you consider moving to a later version?

This is the Control Center analytics documentation for our current release if it could also be helpful:

Seth - HiveMQ Support